What else does Nemo do for your team?

What other benefits does your team get by inviting Nemo, the AI-based virtual meeting assistant, to join their recurring virtual meetings?

Meeting recordings

Nemo joins your team meeting as a virtual participant and records the meeting's video and audio. If you need to temporarily pause recording, simply send Nemo to your meeting's waiting room. Meeting recordings are stored in the Cloud and organized in Nemo's web app.

Meeting transcription

After the meeting, Nemo processes the recorded video and audio, creating a full text transcript of what was said. Although most people don't have time to read through transcripts, you can easily skim read the transcript in the web app.

Meeting translation

The meeting's text transcript can be presented in different languages, to accommodate truly global remote teams, with multiple languages spoken.

Workflow integration

Nemo's meeting responses such as assigned tasks can be automatically integrated with your team's workflow tools (such as Jira, Trello etc).


Nemo stores your automatic video reports in the Cloud, using at-rest and in-transit encryption methods to protect your team's privacy.
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