You want to record Zoom meetings? Here's a better way...

Joe Taylor
March 31, 2022

Zoom, the incredibly popular virtual meeting platform, is used by teams around the world. Increasingly, teams are recording their meetings with the aim of watching back what happened later. Perhaps a team member couldn't make it. Maybe it was unclear what was decided in the meeting. It makes sense to record the meeting on the face of it, but here's the thing... nobody really watches Zoom recordings. Or reads through transcripts. Why? It takes too long.

What actually happens is you ask someone else what happened. If that other person actually has time to update you; hopefully they can remember what happened. Because here's another thing about Zoom meetings... it's very easy to miss things when you are not all in the physical room. Virtual meetings, video calls, Zooms, FaceTimes, whatever we call them, have been transformative during the pandemic (and they are here to stay) but it's hard to run an effective team meeting. It's hard to sit through a single virtual team meeting, nevermind a day of back-to-back Zoom meetings.

Here's the thing about Zoom meeting recordings... nobody watches them

The irony is, virtual meetings have a ton of team knowledge locked away. This is why we are building Nemo, to help meeting hosts run focused virtual meetings and to make the knowledge in the meeting useful and accessible afterwards. It's not an easy task! Think of Nemo as a 'virtual meeting participant', but a machine instead of a human. When Nemo joins your Zoom call, it captures everything that happens and saves it. Video, audio, screen shares, public chat messages. Nemo's aim is to understand your team and their recurring update meetings well enough to help those meetings run smoother, faster, and with more focus. Whilst Nemo does capture the whole meeting video and text transcription – which is made available to you – the real value is in the automatic highlights report created for every virtual meeting. Rather than share the full recording, just send out the meeting highlights instead. Much quicker! Here's an example of the kind of meeting report you could get for your team meetings:

Nemo will officially launch this Summer, but early access is available to those who join our waitlist. Give Nemo a go with your own Zoom team meetings!

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