Never miss the important stuff in user interviews

Nemo records your Zoom user interviews and sends you an automatic summary report covering the key points and takeaways, so you can share what happened with people who were not there. Never miss anything again!

Nemo captures everything that happens in the interview

Including the interview video, audio, chats, text transcript, plus the key mentions and moments. No need to take notes in the meeting!

Afterwards get an automatic summary that shows what happened

Nemo creates a quick, smart interview overview that helps you build find clips and quotes to add to the final report.

Instantly see questions, chapters, quotes, and play the video clips

Nemo automatically breaks the interview into chapters and identifies important questions, answers, quotes, topics, mentions. Instantly playback the video and share with stakeholders.

Search your user interviews and build custom video clip reels to share

Instantly find anything mentioned in the live interview and replay the video. Tag and build your own clip reels to curate what happened, and share with other people.

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