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Guess the drawings

A great team warm-up that stimulates creative thinking and helps turn on team members' brains


  • Preparation time: time to find a digital whiteboard and a reference list of subjects for drawing
  • Play time: 1 minute intro, 2 minutes of drawing time, 1 minute of guessing time
  • Materials required: a digital whiteboard
  • Minimum participants: 4
  • Maximum participants: no limit


Designate one person as the guesser. This person leaves the session. The rest of the group is given a description of a thing, and told to draw it. Each person draws using their own version of the digital whiteboard. At the end of the 2 minutes, the drawing stops and the guesser returns to the session. The guesser is then shown all the drawings and has to guess the subject matter.

Follow-up discussion

Discuss with the group. Questions for discussion include:

  • Did any drawings have common characteristics that were surprising?

Next steps

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