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Two truths and a lie – competitive version

A competitive, no-prep guessing game that's easy to play and will reveal something new about your teammates.


  • Preparation time: none required
  • Play time: 1 minute team prep, plus 1-2 minutes per participant
  • Materials required: a way to tally scores
  • Minimum participants: 2
  • Maximum participants: no limit


This activity proceeds as in the standard version of two truths and a lie, except each team member makes a guess instead of the group making a collective guess. Scores are tallied and at the end the participant who made the most correct guesses is announced as the winner.

Ask all participants to quietly think of two true facts about themselves, along with one lie. Give the group one minute to assemble their statements.

Once the minute is up, proceed around the group, asking each participant in turn to state the two truths and one lie about themselves. Remind participants that the statements can be in any order, to avoid easy guessing. After a participant states their three facts, each team member submits their guess for the lie to the host, who records the choices. The participant then reveals the lie to the group, and the host records the scores of each participant. The results can be surprising and facilitate follow-up questions of each participant, if desired. Continue the process for each participant in the group, and announce the winner with the highest score at the end.

Follow-up discussion

Discuss the results with your team. Questions you can bring up for discussion include:

  • How do we make decisions on truths versus lies?
  • What qualities did the more believable lies have?
  • What qualities did the more outlandish truths have?
  • What was the strangest or most surprising truth?
  • What new things did people find they had in common through this activity?
  • Was anyone's lie a truth for someone else?

Next steps

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