Meet Nemo.
The AI assistant for virtual events.

Nemo helps hosts run virtual events that boost audience engagement during and after the live session. Nemo helps hosts keep the agenda on track, wrangle participants, and continue the discussion post-event.

Nemo records everything that happens

Including the meeting video, audio, text transcript, plus the key mentions and moments. No need for anybody to take notes in the meeting!

Share automatic highlights after the event

Nobody watches long video recordings, so Nemo shares a quick overview report with attendees afterwards, helping the discussion to continue beyond the live session.

Securely archive and share what happened

Meeting recordings are automatically added to the Cloud (with encryption), so you can easily decide who gets to see the video and meeting reports.

Search your virtual meetings

Imaging 'googling' your virtual meetings to find names, dates, details. Nemo let's you do exactly this, and replays the matching moments.

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